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The key to building a quality website is being certain your goals are clear. Your
objectives should drive the content and the design. Once we know exactly what
you intend to publish and who the targeted audience will be, the next step is to
determine the mood of your website. Should the ambiance be informal,
professional or high tech? Some things to consider.

A good general structure should include;

* Common sections: those elements you see on most commercial Websites.
* Company-specific sections: the details that are unique to your business.
These may be sub-sections of the above.

Common Sections
These will contain general information about your company. It will be up to you to
decide which sub-elements should be included, everyone should consider:

About us
Most every Website, both large and small will have this section. Everyone likes to
know who they're doing business with, and this is your opportunity to tell them.
Elements you might want to include are:

* Who we are
* Company history
* Company profile
* Mission statement

Contact Us
This is the top reason for having a website! Always provide adequate contact
information. Include as many different ways for customers to contact you as
possible. Common elements for a 'Contact Us' page are:

* telephone and fax numbers
* email addresses
* email forms
* physical address
* a 'We Are Here' map

Products and Services
Your site should include a summary of products and services on the home page
but it's important to dedicate a separate section of your site to specific details.
This will help direct customers to your products or services easily where they can
find exactly what they need.

Company-Specific Sections
Create company specific sections for your site by following the same general
structure as above, use subsections for each section.

The first page of each section should contain general information on the subject,
as well as links to more detailed information. For example, a landscaping site may
have a plant and drought tolerant section that contains the following

* Flowers
* Shrubs
* Trees
* Water Gardens

We will take a logical approach to the organization of your site to group related
material, always offer general information first, followed by optional, more
detailed information for your users.
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