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Article Can I transfer an existing domain to my Galaxy Host account?
You can transfer unlimited domains, addon or parked domains over to your Galaxy Host...
Views: 342
Article How do I get my EPP authorization code?
Your EPP authorization code will give you the ability to manage your domain, update your...
Views: 332
Article How do I register a new domain name and add it to my Galaxy Host account?
If you would like to purchase a new domain name you can do so at any time from your Client...
Views: 312
Article How do I transfer my domain name from my old host to Galaxy Host?
If you are looking to transfer your domain name you currently have hosted or registered...
Views: 331
Article What are Domain Names / TLD's
A domain name locates an Internet address.  TLD stands for top-level domain and is used...
Views: 491
Article What is a Parked Domain?
A parked domain points a new domain name to the same directory that your primary...
Views: 326
Article What is an addon domain?
An addon domain is a separate domain that is hosted on your primary domain but...
Views: 322

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